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About Us

Basic Research Principles

Plant functional genomics for improved productivity.a richer quality of life and better collective health.

The Importance of Plant Research and the Basic Research Principles of RIKEN Plant Science Center

Plants use solar energy to produce various organic compounds by photosynthesis. Plants provide food for humans and other animals. Plants play a key role in maintaining the integrity of our environment. And plants provide us with the raw materials from which we manufacture the necessities of daily life. In short, plants are indispensable to human life.

At the end of the 20th century, innovation in agriculture and industry coincided with a rapid increase in the world's population, and the high yields of grain that resulted from the Green Revolution made feeding this burgeoning population a reality. Oil, coal and electric power have provided the energy needed to support such levels of production, but their use has also resulted in global warming. We are now approaching the limits of food and fossil fuel production, and concern grows about a food crisis and environmental degradation.

Plant science seeks to clarify regulating mechanisms such as photosynthesis and growth, environmental adaptation and various metabolic functions. An understanding of plant function will lead to improved productivity, which should solve various food, energy and environmental problems on a global scale.

RIKEN Plant Science Center promotes basic research in photosynthesis function, growth regulation and plant matter production to elucidate the physiology of plant productivity. Our overall aim is to improve environmental resistance and plant immunity to contribute to solutions to food problems and environmental issues, and to advance collective health through the discovery and production of new plant substances.

We employ the most advanced genomic science technology to investigate potential plant function and regulation mechanisms at the gene and protein levels, to promote the clarification of genomic function and to research the physiological functions involved in improved productivity from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

RIKEN Plant Science Center will be one of the world's leading plant science centers through its international contributions and collaborations with various universities, institutes and industry.