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Development of a Method to Identify a Complex Metabolic Reaction Network Using Only Time-Series Data
- A Possibility for theoretically Identifying Unknown Metabolic Networks -

January 11, 2013

PSC, in joint research with Kyushu University, has developed a method to identify metabolic reaction networks using only time-series data, acquired by measuring the concentration of metabolites produced in an organism.

Industry continues to develop practical methods to manufacture useful metabolites using microorganisms. However, elucidation of entire metabolic reaction networks and research into rational design of metabolic pathways has only just begun. Furthermore, global warming has become more prominent in recent years, and it is expected that carbon dioxide will be used as a resource to produce a variety of useful metabolites. The method developed by PSC and Kyushu University researchers should significantly contribute to the development of metabolic engineering using microorganisms and plants.

Original article:
PLOS ONE, 2012,
Kansuporn Sriyudthsak, Fumihide Shiraishi, and Masami Yokota Hirai.
"Identification of a Metabolic Reaction Network from Time-Series Data of Metabolite Concentrations"